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are getting reports into the news room of some sort of incident right now at los angeles international airport. kron4 grant lotis standing by and joining us with what we know at this hour. >> reporter: this is a very fluid situation. what we do know is there has been some sort of incident at lax. take a look at this picture. this shows people holding guns and there's one person on the ground. these appear to be some sort of law enforcement officers or agents. the situation by all accounts chaotic and very fluid. this is terminal 4 at los angeles international airport and twitter has been flooded with reports from passengers mostly who are there who have said they have had to evacuate that is very chaotic, people are running around. we don't know exactly what has happened and the nature of this incident was unclear but this is terminal 4 at los angelesinternational airport and we are just seeing that a person with los angeles police i'm just being handed this report says initial reports indicate there were shots fired inside terminal 4 but now, it seems no shots have been fired and that there w
, investigators in los angeles are trying to determine why a gunman would hunt down t.s.a. agents with deadly intent. this morning, an agent is dead and several are still injured and the suspect himself is in critical condition. right now he is unable to answer investigators' questions. >> abc7 news has learned paul off the airport thinking he had an airplane to catch. he started shooting when he got the in airplane. a teacher was among those shot in the calf shatter, his lower leg. his boss, a principal, says he has a long road ahead of him. >> his spirits are up. he still is traumaized by all of it. like all of us trying to get our arms around this. >> a family friend told the "los angeles times" he took it hard when his mother died in twine after years of battling m.s. and classmates at delaware high school where he played the french horn said he didn't reach out to anyone. >> there were few that kept to himself but he was one. >> he graduated from the motorcycle mechanics institute in 2011 and moved to los angeles looking for work. a former roommate saw nothing to fear. he was a really ni
saying run. you know run. >> the after math of the shooting at los angeles international airport just ahead the latest on the suspect and the effects of weekend air travel at bay area aiorts. >>> you hear the warnings every halloween. rarely does it actually happen. but a monterey bay area woman has been poisoned this year by trick or treat candy. >>> on the heal of halloween, ski season arrived in the sierra. the tahoe area resort open for skiers and snowboarder. >>> it's 7:00 a.m. on saturday the second of november 2013. good morning i'm mark kelly. >> and i'm anne makovec. but first latest from los angeles airport. investigators are trying to piece together evidence from yesterday's deadly shooting that left a tsa agent dead and two others injured. police are looking into the background of the suspect in custody. edward lawrence joins us live from lax. are things getting back to normal there? >> they're trying to get back to normal here at the airport. terminal three is frozen in time. it's been frozen in time from the moment after the shooting. no one is allowed in. it's considere
channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> passengers and staff at los angeles airport this morning observed a moment of silence in honor of a tsa agent shot and killed one week ago. [taps] >> taps played as everyone in terminal three stood at 9:28 a.m. , the moment the gunman walked up to the agent and opened fire. a public memorial for hernandez is set for tuesday in los angeles. tomorrow, a national day of action is planned in honor of 13-year-old andy lopez shot and killed by a deputy last month while holding a replica gun. the controversial shooting has sparked several protests where the teen was killed. the sheriff's deputy who shot lopez said the teen refused orders to drop that fake gun. demonstrations are planned in los angeles, oakland, sacramento and san francisco. >>> a reported sexual assault at de anza college is being regularred as a possible -- investigated as a hate crime. the victim is a victim of the hgbt community. the 19-year-old she was raped on monday in the media center. the victim and her attacker were acquaintances and he's also a student there. no arrests have been
and los angeles mayor to offer his sympathies as well as any support that they may need. >>> tsa does report a growing number of passengers are trying to board flight was guns. from january to june they took 894 guns, most of them were loaded. that is a 30% increase compared to the same period last year. for the year of 2012 they found more than 1500 guns. >> new, bart workers have agreed to a new four year contract, just after 11:00. the una nounsed its members voted 88% to 12% for the deal. just a short time later transit union alsoa ploverred it as the iu members say its time to move past the ill will that led to two strikes. >> we are hopeful that from this point forward we can go back to doing our jobs, doing it safely, professionally as we always have in the past. >> they will hold separate news conferences later this morning. the board must still schedule a special hearing this month to sign off on the deal which will raise salaries 15 and a percent. >>> berkeley police are vepghting another robbery on campus. the latest happened around 11:00 thursday night in a big grassy a
and graduated from los angeles high school. he is survived by a wife, a son and daughter. >> people in the gunman's hometown are stunned by his arrest. >> i am trying to process it. >> police have been surrounding ciancia's family home. the suspected shooter lived at the home before moving to los angeles two years ago. flights in and out of the area are back to normal after disruptions yesterday. san jose airport took in diverted flights and nine flights were canceled. a group of musicians from thailand boarded a bus for l.a.x. >> we didn't think that we would fly here. it's a good opportunity that we fly to san jose. >> i was supposed to catch an earlier flight, i fell asleep at the gate. i was going to be at that terminal around that same time. >> the high school orchestra arrived in l.a. eight hours late. >> our coverage continues on line and you can hear more from the widow of the tsa agent at >>> a jetblue plane was met by law enforcement because of something a passenger said. someone on the flight from long beach said another passenger was making threatening stateme
. head of the tsa will visit his family in los angeles today. it's the first time a tsa office every has been killed on duty in the agency's 12 years. more on the shooter. who is he? why did he snap? why was he targeting the tsa? we look into the gun man's background. >> reporter: in the small town of pennsville, new jersey, paul anthony ciancia's family got a disturbs text. it was troubling that allen cumming was called to the house. he said the text they received suggested the 23-year-old might kill himself. >> our procedure is someone is concerned about a family member, we call that local police department and do a well-being check and that's basically what we did. it came back he wasn't home. >> l. a. p. d. officers won't his home and talked to his roommates. they said the 23-year-old just left but seemed to be fine. >> he was a nice guy, a little loner, introverted, but nothing that i would ever, of expect him to do something like this. >> about the same time chaos was erupting at lax. at the had no idea that a gunman, later identified as ciancia, was shooting up terminal 3 at lax.
are in los angeles with what we are learning of the suspected gunman and the new step one of his victims is taking today. >> the oakland a's play across the bay at at&t park? the new situation that could end with the a's at the home of the giants. >> google chairman calls out the u.s. government over his response to accusations the n.s.a. spied open his mountain view company. >> good monday morning at 6:00, daylight savings time ended. hope you made the adjustment and enjoyed the extra hour. >> sure d it is cooler this morning. will we see a warm-up? >> we are, starting today, up to 15 degrees cooler. frost could be forming up in the north bay right now with live doppler 7 hd showing the dry air taking over our neighborhood. 48 degrees, mid-to-upper 40's an the bay from now to 7:00 and 63 with sunshine at noon and a few high clouds and warmer this afternoon at 67 degrees. grab the coat with the sunsetting at 5:00. cooler at 7:00 than what you have been dealing with, for six months. 42 degrees is the general inland. about 33 degrees right now in santa rose. 68 at 4:00 and 58 at 7:00. temp
.s.a. officer killed when a gunman walked in and opened fire at los angeles international airport. the suspect, paul ciancia, is accused of killing a 3-d-year-old hernandez and injuring three others november 1. the attorney general holder is expected to attend the service at the l.a. memorial sports arena. ciancia faces the death penalty. >> a city will pass newant smoking guidelines today. the lafayette city council will meet and formally adopt the chains after community input. the new rules will ban smoking at outdoor public areas, dining areas, and prevent lighting up in new multiapartment complexes. it does not apply to e-cigarettes. >> this is a look at a fire response in san leandro from an alameda county firefighter's camera. crews had a difficult time navigating the fire because this was built on a hillside. there are 50 marijuana plants inside. a gas leak from an outdoor grill started the fire. two dogs died but three escaped. >> live doppler 7 hd shows a lot of green. >> a lot of green but over the ocean is where it is staying. it is running into this wall of dry air so that is under
tonight out of los angeles. an incident at lax. according to airport police, there were reports of shots fired inside one of the terminals there. late tonight, police confirmed that no shots were fired, but a multiple car accident ended with one of the vehicles hitting an airport parking structure and it created such a loud noise, people thought that it was h5 evacuating. at the same time, police dealt with another incident. >> a call was placed into dispatch from an unknown individual who said there was a man with a gun in terminal 4 near gate 45. >> police then responded to that call. they found no gunman, nor any weapon. there are no reports of any injuries, including the accident victims at this time. no flights in and out of the bay area were affected by either of these incidents at lax. >> we have the responsibility to protect the president of the united states and we failed that day. >> america mourns the loss of a president 50 years later. we mark the anniversary of jfk's assassination. >>> bay area nurses went to the philippines to help those in the greatest need from the typho
. three democrats are among those including one from sacramento. the "los angeles times" reports senate leader and asimply -- assembly worker will accept their pay. >> most people are shopping, san francisco mayor lee is hopping to the other side of the word. he flies out of san francisco today to led a group of 50 local business executives on a trade mission to india. they are head the to bangalore which is major business opportunities for local companies representing several industries including construction, engineers health care and technology. >> we will check with leyla gulen with the weather and traffic this morning. >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a great thanksgiving day. this is from the east bay hills camera, you can see how clear it is. very calm. mild. light wind. the breeze is five miles per hour. sfo is great for flying. we do not have flight delays holly or across the country. good news if you are leaving the area. 37 in napa. 40 at fairfield. mid-40's in los gatos. freezing next week. a nice weekend, though, ahead, with warm conditions and mild and that is going
similar to this picket line in los angeles. there is an organization for 3:00 demonstration part of an effort to organize associates at the biggest retailer. >> an illinois liver -- police officer was branchly hospitalized after being dragged by a car driven by a suspected shoplifter. this began with reports of two men stealing clothes from a koll's department store. the suspect was chased where the driver ignored orders to stop. an officer was tangled in the car and was dragged. >> westbound 80 is open after a man was hit and killed this morning when c.h.p. received a report of a disabled vehicle in the fast lane at 12:30. the driver of the car tried to run to the shoulder and hit by one vehicle. the driver dried at seen. westbound lanes were closed for an hour and a half. >> santa rosa police are searching to men responsible for a violent home invasion robbery. self armed men entered the house and held a family including a six-year old boy at gunpoint. a man was severely beaten. this happened tuesday afternoon. it is believed the robbers looked for marijuana and cash. the victi
to approve it themselves. >> and meanwhile, the fbi is waiting to talk to the suspect in the los angeles shootings at international airport. federal murder charges have been filed against paul ciancia. witnesses are recounting the terrifying moments, en-- including one man who came face- to-face with them hymn. >> and i went and cowered in the corner and the shooter was calmly walking down and he saw me cowering there. he looked at me and said tsa? i shook my head and he kept going. >> one tsa agent was killed, five others hurt including the suspected gunman. we're learning about more about yes background. he's from new jersey. he had no history of violence or mental illness. he support text messages telling his family he was unhappy and discouraged living in los angeles. >> the text message was to the brother. the way it was written, they had concern about it and that is when they brought it to our attention. >> he was not a ticketed passenger for any flight out of lax and they believe someone dropped him off at the airport. >>> a patient missing from a closed down care facility in cast
states history celebrates a milestone. >> zombies in los angeles, the message police are sending with a unique new video. >> first, another look at live doppler 7 hd tracking the storm hitting the bay area and meteorologist mike nicco is tracking where the wettest conditions are right now and when your neighbor to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >>> rain is on way. we have had rain in the north bay and the bulk of the rain will stay in the north bay during the commute. i will tell you when it will hit the roast of the bay area coming up in the seven-day outlook. >> where it is dry we have a sig-alert northbound 680 a big rig hit a wall and now it is leaking fuel. >> three, breaking news in so
ago the los angeles state senator introduced legislation that would have required bb guns to be painted bright colors. the bill never made it out of an assembly committee. but according to the los angeles times deleon has been talking to leaders in santa rosa about proposing new legislation for the bb guns. >>> and a boy shot by san francisco police in a marina district has pleaded not guilty to charges during an arraignment held at his hospital bedside at san francisco general. he is being treated for three gunshot wounds. police shot him after he tried to rob a man answering his ad on craigslist. he was already facing charges in two similar craigslist related charges in daley city back in april. >>> we have new details in new jersey about the gunman who fired shots inside a shopping mall last night. the body of the gunman was found early this morning. it is believed he killed himself. 20-year-old richard shoot started shooting inside garden state mall just as the mall was closing. no one was hurt but the mall was on lockdown for several hour as police search for the gun
all the difference for william and his family and they are heading to los angeles soon for william's surgery. >> what do you think about that? >> i'm so, so -- this is so great! >> thank you! >> thank you, thank you! >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> and we will be there to see william get that much-needed eye surgery in los angeles and bring you a follow-up to his story. >>> ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, one east bay city is getting a new beach by restoring the old one. how engineers are recreating almeda beach. >>> and here's a live look from our roof cam. finally some of what we need is on the way, rain. lisa argen will tell you when and how much and have your accuweather forecast in >> welcome back. a group of students from george washington high school plan to protest when they call vanity sizing by clothing stores. they are part of a group about face shown here in a previous protest of victoria secret. the teenage girl says they size apparel to manipulate emotions and empty wall let's. their motto is real size, not lies. they will be protesting at market and powell s
to a private dinner at a pacific heights home and he leaves for los angeles. it will result in big headaches as secret service usually shut down the streets surrounding his motorcade. keep that in mind. >> we will have complete coverage of the president's visit and updates on twitter by following us at abc7 news bay area. >> amtrak train from new orleans to new york has derailed in south carolina. they are trying to figure what caused the train to go east track in south carolina, the northern part of the state. the cars all stayed upright and some passengers were taken to local hospitals but no joe injuries reported. 200 as juries -- passengers have to make the trip by bus. >> 61-year-old vet is plummeted with saving a woman's life after she jumped from the coliseum on the third level. fans shouted telling her not to jump but she did. a 61-year-old main veteran stepped in to break the fall. there is in question that the seriously injured fan saved the woman's life. >> he saved her life. but he is seriously hurt. he absolutely saved her life. >> both were rushed by ambulance to a local hospit
from los angeles. amber and derek hough. >> the new champions after a win, amber said she had doubts she would make it this far. >> you can do whatever you put your mind to. i'm really proud of myself. i can say i am. i am very proud evidence myself. >> it is great to see her transformed to be just amazing. >> this is a cherry on top of the sundae accomplish all i did each week was my reward and this is extra, something extra. >> here are the second place finishers. >> i accomplished the goal to make it to the end and to be able to show what we were capable of. it would have been great to get the ball but it is not what it is about the >> she danced to a third place victory. >> i went the distance from start to finish and the only thing is, i don't go home with the mirror ball but making it to the finals was enough to win. >> "dancing with the stars" is goalie over but the store will be back for season 18 in march. >> how could she not win she looks so "glee"ful. >> how many of those actually vote for the dancers. we would like to see her dance even if jack is with her. >> no dancing
wounded in the los angeles airport shootings are now out of the hospital. one of them tony grigsby, spoke to reporters yesterday. he says he was trying to help an elderly man get to safety when the gunshot him twice in the foot. he was friends with gerardo hernandez, the tsa officer who was killed. >> only now it has hit me that i would never see him again. >> the third wounded person' passenger needs more surgery and physical therapy but is in good condition. the fbi revisited paul ciancia's apartment yesterday. they left with one of his roommates, who drove him to the airport. investigators say there's no indication the roommate knew of ciancia's plans. >>> 4:33. the parents of a teenager fatally shot by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy are taking legal action now. the family of andy lopez filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against the county and deputy erick gelhaus. the suit says the shooting was reckless and a violation of civil rights. the deputy opened fire after andy lopez refused orders to drop a fake weapon. >> we are going to prove through our investigation and our lawsuit that
shootings like the one at los angeles international airport three weeks ago the gunman was equipped with 5, 30-round clips. the san francisco super visor sponsored the bill. >> if we're able to eliminate that, that is one less tool that a person carrying out a crime will have at their disposal to, use. >> reporter: nra is suing the city saying it violates the second amount. larry barseti is a plaintiff, a retired cop with the san francisco veteran police officer association. >> you're impacting honest, law-abiding citizens in san francisco. bad guys aren't going to obey this law. >> he believes it's poorly written, pointing to a section that exempts law enforcement officers. >> does that mean i take a uniform off and put off duty gun on and go home to san francisco, if it's got 11 rounds then i'm a misdemeanor? >> it does not prohibit off duty officers from keeping duty weapons because those weapons are issued to them in connection with their duties. >> reporter: two opinions and interesting battle the lawsuit is the first salvo. voters have sunnivale approved measure c, putting more res
of the high-speed rail line being planned from san francisco to los angeles. >> for the peninsula and the silicon valley, this is our bart. we depend on it. we need it. you couldn't drive in this area. we would have total congestion without it. >> reporter: but now a judge has put the brakes on high- speed rail citing concerns that the current plan is not the same package of promises that was sold to voters. and that in turn has put the brakes on much of the high- speed rail money and left caltrans' electricification plans very much in doubt. >> at this point, without identifying any other funding source, i don't know how electricification would go forward. >> reporter: and it's not just caltrain. bart and san francisco's central subway project will also taking a big hit. >> the court determines we have to go to plan b. >> reporter: do you have any idea what plan b is? >> it may be to go back to the voters. i don't know -- certainly not very popular at this point. >> reporter: and i'm not sure when it would be popular. remember that this was supposed to not only be a transportati
but it is not widespread. showers are developing and they should remain to the south drifting closer to los angeles. and temperatures are off to a nice start in santa rosa, san francisco 51 and on track oakland should being warming up and by 2:00, we are thinking 63 degrees and by 5:00, we do scale back on the cloud cover into the afternoon hours. forecast for this morning, some patchy fog out there and here is alive camera looking out towards union square and for this afternoon some scattered clouds and temperatures are on track to reach the 60s across most of the region and by the region a try weather forecast but some hazy sunshine and the bulk of the rain fall should remain in the area. and driving to the bay -- drifting to the bay area, this potentially was a rainmaker but for us we will have the cloud cover this morning and skies are coming partly sunny into the afternoon hours and right now it is 27 degrees on track to reach the upper 40s for this afternoon and we have a sun and cloud mix to upper 52 degrees. warmer than that, it is not a big chance. and knock 64 deflows and san mateo 62. h
of plan b to get to los angeles. >> is found out our flight was canceled so we are just going to drive down to -- we were going to l.a. for a wedding. we are going to drive to l.a. as fast as we can hopefully without too many speeding tickets. >> reporter: doug jakel is the sfo spanning. even though his police force is amped up on a day like today, he says tsa hasn't increased its security. >> we'll stay in touch with them should there be any decisions on changes to security procedures. thus far there haven't been any. >> reporter: 100 flights take off from l.a.x. to sfo every day meaning when l.a.x. sneezes, sfo can easily catch a cold. southwest and virgin airlines got hardest hit. we found many disappointed passengers like antoine peron, who was supposed to fly to l.a.x. and vacation with friends. >> supposed to be 1:15, my flight was canceled and we were rescheduled to 3:35. >> reporter: these friends switched airports to get in earlier. >> so we took a ticket to southwest that flies into orange county. >> right now, all of the airlines that operate between sfo and l.a.x. can expec
in honor of gerardo hernandez, the tsa officer killed on duty in los angeles on friday. the suspect in the shooting, 23-year-old paul ciancia, is reportedly elling it police he acted alone. he has been charged with murder and committing violence at an international airport. kpix 5's cat he is at the airport this morning. >> reporter: officials are asking, as you mentioned, passengers to be on heightened alert. and we are also learning that security as well is on heightened alert. a law enforcement official tells the "associated press" shooting suspect paul ciancia is heavily sedated as armed guards keep watch over him. police charged the 23-year-old in friday's deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. officers shot ciancia four times to end the shooting rampage. but before the suspect was taken to the hospital an official says he told them he acted alone. >> he had the gun down like this. but passenger scott green witnessed the shooting. he was among more than 100 people who ran for their lives. >> it didn't make sense to me. i thought, you know, well, that guy had a gu
protests there you out the bay area, sacramento and los angeles. >>> a santa clara supervisor will spend time in jail for using $135,000 for campaign and personal use, including gambling. they said he has a gambling addiction. >>> sheriffs deputies and hospital staff have been reassigned after the botched search for lynn spalding, the patient who went missing. >>> how police say a crook tried to trick a bay area family and wound up stealing their pomeranian at gunpoint. >>> one veteran's day tradition in the bay area could be its last. the troubles facing san jose's celebration coming up next. >>> here comes the sun. it will be a nice day. don't be lulled into a false sense of security. there's changes ahead. changes coming up next. we look live at ocean beach. stay with us. ,, when ouwe got a subaru.s born, it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen s
, san diego 81, los angeles, 89, same in palm springs, check out the warmth in palm spring, above average. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of a solo vehicle spinout on highway 4. it looks like egg was running on time. however, this could start to slow traffic in the westbound direction along highway 4 coming up to bailey with slowing through antioch moving at top speed. headed along 680 from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 50 minutes. watch out for the fog. only 23 minutes through the santa cruz mountains and in san jose northbound 280 away from 17 it is empty. >> officials at uc berkeley have now met their goal of reducing the carbon footprint two years early. the campus has saved electricity for seven years by let tremendous fitting the buildings and saved a million gallons of fuels by encouraging bicycle use and buying more solar and wind energy. they claim the greenhouse gas emissions are below what they were in 1990 and plan to set a new target for further reduction by spring. >> we have learned the results of feder
do not have a description of the guns or the man. >> happening now in son california, los angeles police are going door to door interviewing neighbors after the father of state assembly man mike gotto was found shot to death in a possible home invasion. the body of the 78-year-old was found last night slumped over in a chair in his home in silver lake. his daughter made the discovery after she did not hear from her dad all day. police have not made any arrests. a spokesman for the democratic lawmaker says that assemblyman gotto is devastated after the call about his father's death. >> supporters of a local teen set on fire on an a.c. transit bus are planning a march tonight. friends and family of 18 -year-old sasha fleischman start at oakland high school and place rainbow ribbons on the bus route. 16-year-old richard thomas lit sasha's skirt on fire. he has second- and third-degree leg buns. a donation page has been re-opened after raising $22,000 to help pay for medical expenses. >> two tesla employees are recovering in a burn center after an accident at the company's fremont pla
san diego and los angeles and 76 in palm spring. the in three days in tahoe, rain at 47 degrees, a very warm system. snow will mix in thursday, maybe an inch of accumulation at lake level. look at sunshine: it will melt whatever falls and sticks on friday which is sunny and 41. leyla gulen? >> i found slowing for you headed into san francisco and this because of a project that will be watching up at action, as well, but, certainly, it is causing a bottleneck headed into san francisco. northbound 101 teen silver and vermont street, coming up to the 280 extension and it dissipates as you continue the drive up to the central freeway. before you get there, 280 is looking clear and if you need to make the drive over to the extension it is not too bad. we have road closures in the city because of the convention at the moscone center that will last through friday. howard street is closed between 3rd and 4th and will re-open after friday. >> it is 4:56. this morning, beauty products company origin is recalling one of their face creams after scoffing mold in it. the recall involves the m
for los angeles. >>> solar city is expected to announce a big expansion tomorrow. they are set to open 10 operation centers across the state. the bay area is solarcity's home base for a total of 7 warehouses here. the new locations are expected to be in northern california. it means a lot of new jobs. solarcity makes and installing solarpanelses for homes and businesses. >>> not the sun but an early blast for winter that turned deadly. how many people were caught unprepared? >> reporter: dennis rodman tops the list who joins him on it ,,,,,,,, not scoring former n-b-a di dennis rodman any points when it comes to being influential. g-q listed the former baskel player as the least influen celebrity this year. some oe other names on g-q's list m come as surprises. he might be the leader of t free world but president oba is on the list. you'll find miley cyrus.. who created ar with her twerking incident. pop stars justin bieber andy gaga might sell millions of records. but they are deemed as being non-influen. fewer californians are traveling this year for the thanksgiving holiday, compad wi
at 50, headed down south the nicer days are today and tomorrow and near 70 in san diego and los angeles and 74 in palm springs all with sunshine. safe travels. >> san jose is wide open right new and we do not have construction this and certainly no accidents as we take you over to 101, 85 and 280. it is clear. ing in but green. that means you are at top speeds and the nimitz, northbound and southbound direction, you are at top speed. as we look at drive time traffic, antioch to hercules the entire stretch to i-80 westbound is 28 minutes and still in the clear. when you get to 280, traveling to the maze that is 15-minute delay and 87, away from highway 85 to the san jose airport is under ten minutes. clear drive to get you going. >> an investigative report on the connecticut school massacre will be released today at noon. the report by the lead investigator of the state police could provide the first official answers to questions of the young gunman who is accused of killing 20 children and six woke inside the sandy hook elementary. the investigation has drawn criticism for being shroude
similar to this pick the line if los angeles and the east bay apply an is organizing a 3:00 p.m. demonstration and is part of a larger national effort to organize associates as the biggest retailer. >> an illinois police officer was hospitalized after being dragged by a car driven by a suspected shoplifter. another officer shot and wounded the driver bringing this incident to an end. there were reports of two men stealing clothes from a department store. the officers chased the suspects to the store where the driver ignored orders to stop the an officer was dragged. all three suspects are in custody. >> santa rosa police senator for men responsible for a violent whom invasion robbery. several armed men entered the louse and held a familiar including a six-year old boy at gunpoint. a hand was severely beaten on tuesday afternoon. it is believed they were looking for marijuana and cash. >> in san jose, detectives are investigating a fatal police shooting. the man was shot, was a stabbing suspect would tried to ram an officer with a stolen car. it started at a home yesterday morn
prosecutors have filed murder charges against the suspected gunmen in the deadly shooting at los angeles international airport of tsa officer gerardo hernandez and the wounding of several others. saturday night heights lit up over the airport in honor of him. his wife is distraught. >> i am truly devastated. we are all heartbroken and we will miss him dearly. >> our hearts go out to the tsa officer who was shot and killed. >> two more tsa officers were wound when had 23-year-old paul ciancia took a rifle out of his bag friday morning and started firing. this shows the ensuing mayhem. the fbi is just one of the agencies investigating the shooting. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to make multiple tsa employees. >> and it could have been so much worse if officers had not chased the gun men through the airport terminal three. >> the fact they disabled the assailant within minutes was actually remarkable and saved untolleds lives. >> he remains in the hospital and the hospital says he remains unresponsive. the airport returned to normal operation saturday afternoon.
from l.a. and contacted relatives in brazil and a friend in los angeles indicating he was in trouble and being followed. his family will be handing out flyers at 1:00 in dolores park. >> there will be a search in santa rosa for a missing disabled veteran. "the press democrat" reports 56-year-old david was reported missing on halloween. his girlfriend tells authorities he was having an emotional breakdown when he left his home on foot. the search is scheduled to begin at 9:00 at spring lake regional park. >>> another day of protests for 13-year-old andy lopez, the sonoma county boy shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy last month. yesterday protesters held a march inside this santa rosa park demanding justice for lopez in what was called a day of action. other protests were held in san francisco, oakland and los angeles. >> this time we just don't want to let it lie. things need to change. we want a different story because we don't there to be any more andy lopezes. we don't want this to happen to anybody else. >> the deputy that shot lopez, shot him several times after the teen displ
to los angeles soon for william's surgery. >> what do you think about that? >> i'm so, so -- this is so great! >> thank you! >> thank you, thank you! >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> great outcome, cheryl. >> and we will be there to see william get that much-needed eye surgery in los angeles and bring you a follow-up to his story. >>> ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, one east bay city is getting a new beach by restoring the old one. how engineers are recreating almeda beach. >>> and here's a live look from our roof cam. fog will chirhart this morning. dry, but after all the driest october on record, november may get some rain. lisa argen will be along with your forecast in just to those who've been denied equal access to health care... welcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby aga
service in los angeles celebrated the life of hernandez, the tsa officer killed in shooting spree at lax airport last month. other wounded tsa agents were among the hundreds of firemen and community who came to honor hernandez. attorney holder spoke calling hernandez a hero. >>> social media is fueling a murder charge against a bay area might. he's accused of hitting two cyclist in pleasanton last june while driving more than 80 miles per hour. one of the cyclist was killed. how the teen's online bragging is putting this case in the national spotlight. >> reporter: 18-year-old cody hall has certainly gained a lot of attention because of otherwise twitter, instagram and facebook photos prior to the collision. he was in court today and he is still in jail without bail. >> it has been five months since the victim was on sunday bike ride with her husband when she was struck and killed along foothill road. police reports say 18-year-old cody hall of 83 miles per hour when he lost control of the car. the victim was killed instantly. her suffered a broken leg. hall's family and friends showed u
. joseph baumgartner. and michael blanchard of los angeles is expected to be arrested tomorrow. >> that's when they saw a white board with the n word on it and the confederate flag. >> reporter: the student did not report the abuse, but his parents saw it when they brought him back to classes. the prosecutors tells me they spoke with the victim and that he remains here on campus. she also tells us the other students are making arrangements to surrender tomorrow. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> university president muhammad kayamu released a statement condemning the behavior. he said i am outraged and saddened by these allegations. they are utterly inconsistent with our long cherished history of tolerance, respect for diversity and personal civility. >>> several law enforcement agencies teamed up. 10 different locations were raided including two coffee shops. san jose police, the fbi and the drug enforcement agency all took part in the operation. an indictment named nine defendants. >>> man's body was discovered inside a car that ended up under water in a private marina along the industrial wat
this morning. los angeles police found darwin vella yesterday after he flagged someone down on the side of a road. on tuesday he withent for a walk with his dog. he did not return home but his dog did, along with a bloody leash. police won't say yet if vella was kidnapped. he does have some ties to hollywood celebrities and was scheduled to testify earlier this week at a hearing for a man accused of bug lrglarizing the e of nicolas cage's former girlfriend. >>> pixar has laid part of its staff in emeryville. fewer than 60 people were let go due to the postponement of its next animated feature. pixar is owned by disney, the parent company of abc 7. >>> president obama says the u.s. economy is improving, even if it's been overshadowed by political gridlock and the messy rollout of his health care law. in his weekly address the president says jobs have been created, the auto industry is recovering and deficits are falling. he's trying to be upbeat in the wake of his administration's failure to create a functioning health care website. >> our businesses have created 7.8 million new jobs in
to be mild under the sunny skies. the rain is coming. los angeles, it's coming down for a while. also around palm springs and the deserts of las vegas. so wednesday here comes the rain into thanksgiving day. it should be lightening up for some showers through the evening hours and then should be over by friday. at this point hard to pinpoint how much but we'll welcome it for sure. 64 in oakland today. look for 64 in livermore with numbers in the low 60s from palo alto. fairly uniform and tonight spencer is there for the tree lighting. 62 degrees. the seven-day forecast, little change on through tuesday. here comes a little bit of rain, thanksgiving looking sloppy. wednesday when people are out trying to get where they are going that could be a problem. >> dicey. get somewhere, stay there. and eat yourself silly. thanks, lisa. >> in sports, the big game is today. stanford versus cal t cardinal heavily favored. you never know what might happen. and the warriors plagued by injuries. here is larry beil with morning sports. >> good morning everybody. stef curry sat out in l.a. and to make matter
start. tracking rain chances in the five-day. >> the los angeles police department is launching an internal investigation into claims that an officer delayed medical treatment to the tsa officer killed this month in the lax shooting. he bled for 33 minutes before the ambulance was able to take him. the officer is a accused of telling others that hernandez was already dead. the union said that an airport officer later detected a light pulse and took him to paramedics. >>> we have a follow up to a story we reported on yesterday morning on two. investigators are trying figure out what kind of bird got stuck in the engine of a jet at the airport. the plane was headed to dallas when the strike caused it to make an emergency landing . none of the 193 were hurt. the plane had just taken off when it hit that bird. >> it was pretty scary. yes, yeah, it was a huge noise and we didn't know what was happening. then the pilot gave us some information. >> airport officials say bird strikes are a probably this time of year with migrating birds. they have used traps, sirens and even shot bird
to deflect an aste will hit the earth. >> reporter: or "cbs this morning," carter evans in los angeles. >>> one more study and watch out. >> exactly. five weeks ago the fbi shut down what it called the most sew fisty kayed and criminal marketplace on the internet. silk road was a website selling drugs and other illegal goods but this morning as ben tracy reports, it may be finding new life. >> reporter: the new site has the same name and same look, offering up a list of illegal drugs. the purported new operator announced the website is back up. deja vu anyone? this could be gigantic. >> it could be a scam. >> he's used encrypted midges to talk to the person who says he's running the new site which claims to be register 1g,000 user purse hour. >> for some it's more than just a website. it's a cause. they're really invested in it and want to see it succeed. >> silk road is a website where users could browse anonymously for drugs. they had bid coin. it was with a black market bend selling heroin and cocaine as well as guns and fake i.d.s. after a two-y
appointed last week is going to be speaking to jonathan martin later this week in los angeles. jonathan martin is said to have detailed pages and pages and pages of notes detailing what he believes are instances of harassment. and it will be up to ted wells to determine whether or not that actually happened in the dolphins locker room. one of the key unanswered questions was there a code red. were the dolphins players ordered to toughen up jonathan martin? we don't have that answer this morning. >> we may, as the investigation goes forward, jonathan martin waiting until then to tell his side of the story. back to incognito for a moment. the remarks he made, how will that impact his future? >> his contract is up after this year. teams are waiting to see how the case will turn out. right now, he's suspended for conduct detrimental right now. the dolphins have no plans to bring him back at the time. it will be difficult for him to get back into the league. still, a lot left to be told in this particular story. >> certainly is. adam, thank you. >> thank you, robin. >>> to josh with the othe
service tuesday for slain tsa officer los angeles - u.s. attorney general eric holder is among the officials expected to speak at a memorial service to honor the transportation security administration officer who was gunned down at los angeles international airport. the tribute to gerardo hernandez is being held tuesday morning at the los angeles memorial sports arena. acting homeland security secretary rand beers is also scheduled to attend. hernandez is the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. authorities say a gunman with a rifle and a rant against the tsa pulled the gun out of a bag and shot the 39-year-old father of two on nov. 1. two other tsa officers and a teacher were wounded before airport police wounded the gunman. paul ciancia remains hospitalized and has been charged with crimes that could get him the death penalty. >> lawyers for boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev are headed to court tuesday to ask a judge to ease restrictions placed on him in prison as he awaits trial. tsarnaev's lawyers argued in a motion filed last month that so-called "
sinai medical center in los angeles, at least until january first, when his bill would go up. >>"i know if i go see him, it's completely out of network and um, and it also doesn't apply against my deductible so it's really out of network, it's almost in another orbit." >> reporter:the new obamacare-compliant plan being offered by harris's current health insurance company will actually cost him five dollars a month less. but eitches, and four of harris' five doctors, are no longer in that network. >>"i've had patients come to me and say please do whatever you need to do because i don't know if i'll be able to come back and see you after december 31st." >> reporter:eitches says 10 percent of his patients now must either find new doctors, or pay steep out- of-pocket costs. >>"it's mind-numbing, it's mind-numbing." >> reporter:even for doctor eitches. >> reporter:less than six weeks before obamacare takes effect, he still doesn't know which, if any, insurance plans he'll accept. he has already stopped taking medicare. >>"honestly, what i may think about is not taking any insurance at all.""
thought of as an outdoor problem inside the home. in downtown los angeles, louisa hodge, kpix 5. >> because of cooking with gas burners, they say as many as 12 million californians are exposed to levels of nitrogen dioxide above healthy standards. who knew? >>> did you hear about the expensive electronics accidentally shoulder on walmart's website for a few bucks? coming up in consumerwatch, why walmart may have to honor those prices according to california law. >> inside the secret party tunnels buried under california. now in danger of being destroyed. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, something fixed on your car. and then you get a notice t een recalled and the >>> with so many recalls on cars these days odds are this may happen to you. you pay to get something fixed and get a notice the part is recalled and the manufacturer will fix it for free. so if you have already paid, do they have to reimburse you? on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains, it's a little complicated. >> reporter: yeah. the law requires that they reimburse you if it's a recall. but many car companies get around that b
relatives in brazil and a friend in los angeles indicating he was in trouble and being followed. his family will be handing out flyers at 1:00 in dolores park. >> there will be a search in santa rosa for a missing disabled veteran. press democrat reports 56-year-old david was reported missing on halloween. his girlfriend tells authorities he was having en emotional break down when he left his home on foot. the search is scheduled to begin at 9:00 at spring lake regional park. >>> another day of protests for 13-year-old andy low, the sonoma county boy shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy last month. yesterday protesters held a marin side this santa rosa park demanding justice for lopez in what was called a day of action. other protests were held in san francisco, oakland and los angeles. >> this time we just don't want to let it lie. things need to change. we want a different story because we dent want there to be any more andy lopezs. we don't want this to happen to anybody else. >> the deputy that shot lopez, shot him several times after the teen displayed an air soft rifle. last week lop
in san francisco protests went to sacramento and los angeles. his parents have filed the hraáut claiming the deputy of reckless behavior. they say he should have recognized that their son was carrying a replica ak-47. the lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of money and holds the sheriff's department responsible. we will follow the story for you and the statewide response. you can get the latest on the twitter pages and our web site kron 4. >>> we have more ahead here. many people who lost a loved one before the demolition. we'll show you the gathering. >>> a live look at the san mateo bridge. not a lot of traffic. thank you for being with us. we'll be right back. >>> demolition of the often eastern span of the bay bridge starts tuesday. for those who lost loved ones there and touched by tragedy, it means something different for them. part of their lives will be missing. and we accompanied those who paid tribute to lost family and friends. >> reporter: the span will be gone but for those who lost loved ones it is bittersweet. on saturday morning, the chp allowed people to spend time to r
southern california, a man who was missing for several days is safe and sound this morning. los angeles police found darwin vella yesterday after he flagged someone down on the side of a road. on tuesday he withent for a walk with his dog. he did not return home but his dog did, along with a bloody leash. police won't say yet if vella was kidnapped. he does have some ties to hollywood celebrities and was scheduled to testify earlier this week at a hearing for a man accused of burglarizing the home of nicolas cage's former girlfriend. >>> in economic news, pixar confirmed reports it has laid off part of its staff in emeryville. fewer than 60 people were let go due to the postponement of its next animated feature. pixar is owned by disney, the parent company of abc 7. >>> new this morning, president obama says the u.s. economy is improving, even if it's been overshadowed by political gridlock and the messy rollout of his health care law. in his weekly address the president says jobs have been created, the auto industry is recovering and deficits are falling. he's trying to be upbeat in th
because we have the jet stream dipping well to the south. it is los angeles, even portions of northern mexico and the gulf of california. they are going to see rainfall but we'll miss it. thanksgiving will be rain-free as that guy scoots down to the south and after that, here comes another ridge of high pressure meaning a dry northwest flow of air that's going to be a dry end to a dry month, another month below normal, november about half of our normal rainfall. we'll be sunny and dry for the next several days starting friday. tomorrow, pretty cloudy, but your thanksgiving highs will be close to normal if not a couple of degrees above. concord 64, oakland 66. 63 in san francisco. santa rosa 64. mostly cloudy skies in mountain view with a high of 65. sunshine back on friday, sunshine around all weekend long, put out those christmas lights this weekend because next week look what's coming. cooler cloudier wetter -- not a huge storm but it's going to be chilly. snow level dropping to 3500 feet by next tuesday. mid-50s for highs. coldest weather since last march. >> a lot of lights going
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